A new Era in Mobile Services

Dinama offers the best mobile experience combining multiple channels, high quality services and innovative functionalities in each of our tailor-made solutions.

One mobile device, multiple channels

If all customers are different, why not offer different ways to engage them? Reach your customers through different channels depending on the user's context and preferences.

Why choose us

Second Factor Authentication (2FA)

When it comes to security, relying solely on usernames and passwords is no longer sufficient.


Send alerts and notifications at any time and through any mobile media that technology allows.

Massive Campaigns

Communicate to your customer base in a timely and very effective manner information of great interest that will boost your sales.

Interactive Messaging

Two-way communication services allow customers to request services and obtain information

Security, Interaction, Customer Service and Commitment are the main pillars of the mobile services offered by Dinama.

A wide variety of Mobile Services

Chat bots

Chat Bots provide a simple but powerful interface for customers to request information or perform actions.

Anti-fraud alerts

Anti-fraud alerts have helped to achieve immediate detection, as customers can help you quickly identify whether a transaction was actually fraudulent by receiving automatic transaction alerts.

Detailed analysis

We constantly develop and improve the technology behind our analytics services, employing the latest tools based on the fields of AI, Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Data Visualization.

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