Dinama's strategy is based on a multichannel approach, which allows our clients to obtain the right balance between the content to be delivered and the most effective channel for the job.

SMS text messaging

SMS text messaging is the most convenient mobile channel, both for its wide reach and access by mobile subscribers.

Push Messaging

Improve the connection with your customer by sending push notifications directly to iOS or Android apps through the Dinama API.

Social Media Messaging

Millions of users use social media apps such as Whatsapp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger on a daily basis. You can participate in these new channels through the Dinama Integration API and create an environment equivalent to text messaging.

Text to Speech

Text to Speech service allows you to reach a wider range of customers, including those with reading difficulties, vision-related disabilities or simply users who have trouble accessing digital content.


Forget the limits of SMS. RCS (Rich Communication Services) transforms traditional messaging into a complete and interactive experience. Share high-quality files, enjoy real-time conversations, enrich your messages with emojis and GIFs, integrate RCS with your favorite apps and automate tasks with chatbots.

RCS allows you to connect with your customers more effectively, increase customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty. It is the ideal solution to improve communication, increase efficiency and enhance the customer experience. Contact us and find out how RCS can help you achieve your goals.

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