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Dinama has built high quality services on the Multi-channel Platform in order to offer its customers complete solutions, ready to go into commercial operation.

Fraud Prevention Support

Having a direct communication with customers is essential for companies that want to implement fraud prevention services in order to achieve secure transactions, which have features such as the Authentication, Authorization and Non-Repudiation.

Second Factor Authentication (2FA) strategies have become the standard for providing the appropriate level of security for authentication and authorization requirements. 

In practice, 2FA is based on sending temporary one-time passwords, which can be delivered as an alert through any of the channels offered by Dinama, turning subscribers' cell phones into security support devices.

Anti-Fraud Alerts enable early detection of fraud events, as customers can help quickly identify whether a completed action or transaction was actually fraudulent by receiving automatic alerts.

These alerts can also be sent prior to the execution of transactions or actions as part of an authorization process, so that the customer can respond to the alert as a confirmation.

Customer Interaction


Stay in touch with your customers by sending them alerts and notifications at any time and through any channel that technology allows. Alerts can simply include information of value to your customers or request responses or actions from your customers.

Interactive Messaging

Dinama is a multi-channel platform that offers two-way communication, customers also have the ability to request information or services using the channel of their choice.

Customer Service

Chat Bots

Chat Bots offer a simple yet powerful interface that allows customers to request information or perform actions. Chat Bots are programmed so that they can serve as virtual assistants that offer help and guide customers to information and services available through any of the available channels.

Customer Relationship
Dinama's vision of customer relations is based on two main pillars:

Mobile Campaigns

We offer the necessary tools to execute effective mobile campaigns:

  1. Sending mass notifications to customers with relevant information about products and services.

  2. Configuration and implementation of services such as surveys and trivia, with the objective of obtaining information and opinions from customers, applying “gamification” type strategies.

Data analysis

We constantly develop and improve the technology behind data analysis services, employing the latest tools based on the fields of AI, Machine Learning and Data Analysis and Visualization.

Content Subscription Services

Distribution via SMS

Keep the focus on subscription-based content while Dinama executes recurring charges for access to the service through premium messaging.

Direct integration to cellular operators

We have direct integration to mobile operators' subscription management platforms, making distribution and recurring charges for access to content more effective.

Consulting Services

We offer consulting services for the definition of new solutions tailored to your needs.

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